Government of the Chinese Republic, 5% GOLD LOAN OF 1913 LUNG-TSING-U-HAI RAILWAY of £10,000,000 Sterling BOND FOR £20 denomination. Titles and Text: Repeated in French and English. Printer: J. Verschueren, Anvers, Belgium. Size: Large Format, 11×20″ plus 10×20″ Coupon at right. Also called the Belgian Lanshow Railway Loan. Authorized £10,000,000. But only £4,000,000 were issued in 1913 and offered by the Banque Belge at Fr 461.40 for each Fr 500 or £20 Bond in Brussels and Paris on behalf of the Co. Gen. Chemins de Fer et de Tramways en Chine. For the construction and equipment of a main line (1125 miles) between Lanchow (on the West) and Haichow on the sea (north of the Yantze), utilizing the Pienlo Railway. Number of coupons will vary from 42 or so. Known as the “Super Petchili”.



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